As part of the medical team providing nursing support for the camp, it is an absolute honour and privilege that the parents entrust the care of their children to everyone involved. Several awesome nurses have been involved from the first Mackay camp in 2014 and there is no doubt each one of us will be back every year! We learn so much from the campers and the rewards are infinite……to hear the laughter and see the smiles and excitement of the campers from the moment they arrive until they go home is beyond expectations. We would love more nurses to join us in this wonderful experience!


Registered Nurse

In 2014, I was fortunate enough to be one of the first Year 11 companions at the Mackay Sony Camp. It was such a fun and rewarding experience! The bond that I formed with my camper is something I will cherish forever. You could never wipe the smiles of the camper’s or their companion’s faces. To know you are able to provide some much-needed respite to parents, whilst allowing a child with special needs to experience a fast paced, activity filled, 2 night camp is extremely special and a memory that both myself and all the companions will remember. I am now in my second year at university studying a Bachelor of Education (Primary) majoring in Special Education and it is safe to say that the experiences, skills and training that the camp provided are second to none. I could not recommend this camp more. It is truly a once in a life time, rewarding opportunity that I encourage everyone to participate in.


Companion & Ambassador

Thank you for giving my daughter the opportunity to participate in the Mackay Children’s Camp. As I looked at the 21 pages of paperwork the week prior to this camp that needed to be filled out I seriously thought “is it worth it” – I am so glad I filled in those pages because YES it was! For my daughter to experience a camp that was so well organised with fantastic carers, parents and staff was something that I never dreamed would happen…  I never thought my daughter would ever be able to attend a camp, at least not independently. I felt very at ease when I dropped her off – everyone was so caring and could see that this was hard as a parent to leave your child with a disability, particularly with her limited communication. With the Facebook updates and photos I could she was happy and enjoying herself, this also gave my husband and I some quality time with her siblings enabling us to do things that as a family are normally quite restricted. A special thank you to Sophie and Kristen, you are two very beautiful young ladies who gave up your time to make a girl (and her parents!) very happy. Your parents should be very proud to have raised such lovely, caring girls! For the rest of the school holidays my daughter keeps getting out her camp tee-shirts to wear, this is her way of telling me she wanted to go back, I had to explain (everyday) that the camp was finished, so it has defiantly left a marking impression on my beautiful girl. Thank you everyone for all the hard work that was put into this camp -something this family won’t forget as it had a wonderful impact on all of us! – Happy Parent

More than Happy


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